Suzanne Berton


Rural Canada
7 Artworks

The Rural life in Canada depicts art in a multitude of rural places, mainly farmland, but anything familiar with this environment. My attempt here is to show the less seen part of this great country although at one time, these scenes were seen most often.

Black & White Classic Cars & other vehicles
28 Artworks

Recent Black and White Art using i ink or fine markers to Draw or painting in ink or acrylic on watercolor paper usually 9 X 12" or 12 X 9 " some on occasion 11 X 14.5" or vise versa

Animals - Friends of the Environment
75 Artworks

Real animal drawings are depicted, but with a background filled with creativity.

My Canada
86 Artworks

This gallery shows "My Canada" in all its glory through my eyes and the eyes of many people who allowed me to paint from their photos. I love the rural parts of my country. Also you may wish to add the Galleries of our Provinces and Territories as part of "My Canada" to avoid duplicity.

Northwest Territories Canada
11 Artworks

The three territories are Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. Nunavut is a fast growing community.

Nova Scotia Canada
25 Artworks

Scenes and Themes from the Province of Nova Scotia Canada

Pet Dogs or Cats
9 Artworks

These will host pictures of pet dogs or cats for commissioned works.

Quebec Canada
22 Artworks

Scenes and themes of the province of Quebec Canada

British Columbia Canada
18 Artworks

Scenes and Themes from British Columbia Canada

Alberta Canada
21 Artworks

Scenes and Themes from Alberta Canada

25 Artworks

Scenes and themes from the province of Saskatchewan Canada

21 Artworks

Places and themes in Manitoba Canada

Ontario Canada
26 Artworks

Places and settings in Ontario Canada

New Brunswick Canada
14 Artworks

Art showing places and settings from New Brunswick.

Newfoundland Canada
15 Artworks

Some art works showing places in Newfoundland.

PEI - Home of Anne of Green Gables
21 Artworks

These images are from Prince Edward Island - PEI - Canada, the location or setting where Lucy Maud Montgomery created the famed character Anne of Green Gables.

Abandoned Places
29 Artworks

Abandoned Farms, Homes, specifically in rural Canada (USA too on occasion)

Animals - Second Gallery
66 Artworks

Simply Animals of every kind

Places in Canada (2) Endroit au Canada
73 Artworks

Same as Gallery Places in Canada (1)

Auroraborealis and Sky
16 Artworks

Auroraborealis deserves a gallery of its own! However, I want to add anything to do with skies, clouds, storms...

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