Suzanne Berton

Art for me is an expression of God's creation, by enduring me with a love of creativity, color and boldness in my approach, sometimes not thinking about what to do next, allowing creativity free reign


Suzanne Berton was born of French Canadian parents in a large family of nine children in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. Her father played a role in encouraging her in the arts as a very young child, but in those days very little was taught in schools. Suzanne remembers seeing her father draw portraits of family members as a very young child. 

With physical limitations, Suzanne feels her art is not limited by these constraints, and so she finds herself unable to stop her artistic journey. "Even if I am limited going out to paint nature, people have generously contributed images of their nature walks and holidays. Not everybody can climb a mountain or paddle a river to get scenes to paint on site."  Yet, the mind and the creative soul can go anywhere.

"I have lived near two Great Lakes in my lifetime," and she feels it was the best experience of all to be so close to "big water." Suzanne feels influenced mostly by rural living as she grew up in a small town where seeing farms and fields was common. This is reflected in her art.

Today, Suzanne lives in Kingston, Ontario, which is often called the First Capital of Canada, a city that sits on the shores of Lake Ontario. Two great attractions are located in this wonderful city, the Royal Military College and Old Fort Henry.

Suzanne develops and uses her art daily. Currently, she is enjoying the use of ink in much of her art, which is often used like watercolor, but not quite, some acrylic. "Ink can have such bold colors," Suzanne feels, "it's pure pleasure to see the results of each art piece." She's been using ink for years now. "It's hard to give up ink for another."

In 2004, she did two solo art exhibits in Kingston, one at the Salon Brisebois, Galerie "les-coups-montés," and another at The Upstairs Gallery. She also participated in a Group Exhibit at the Upstairs Gallery in December of 2004. In addition she did another one in 2006 at the Main library in Kingston, and she is planning to do more in 2007 and 2008.

Her goals: continue showing her art either online or in exhibits. "My art is meant to be viewed, not tucked away in a box in the corner of the attic. You can learn about me, by viewing my art.”

"There are times, when I believe I've done it all in art, but a new idea comes up and I am challenged to do more. Sometimes I get the thought, I want to try everything as far as my subjects are concerned. What a great way to be creative."

This site will show her journey in art as you follow along. "Welcome!"

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